Sunday, March 11, 2012

There are prudes & hippocrites everywhere!

Last October during a Toastmasters humorous speech contest I decided to do a speech on the subject of issues of old age. Medical science has done extensive research on many aspects on the normal functions of the human body during the aging process. A few weeks ago while at the Doctors office with my wife GG. We talked to her doctor (who was female) about different aging issues. One of those issues happened to have been on the subject of passing gas. Her response was that it was normal for every human being to pass gas an average of 10 times a day. In fact she went on to say that if that did not happen several health problems could result. I then asked her if that action increased with age and she said yes. I researched the subject extensively and found that to be true. So in preparing for my participation in the humorous speech contest I pondered the question of whether to talk about this subject or not. And what would the appropriate language to use that would not ruffle someones feathers.

After a lot of diliberation and discussion with others that I had a lot of respect for I decided that would take the challenge of presenting this issue on. Knowing that using some 4 letter words ie (fart) might be offensive to some people I decided to go with the word TOOT. It drew the picture of what I ment but was not in my mind offensive. In fact it was funny (based on audience reaction & my discussion with others). But as luck world have it, assigned to be a judge in that contest was an individual whose lack of flexability cost me the chance to win the speech contest. With all of the "obscence material in movies, in books, on TV and even in some TM speeches I thought I was on pretty solid ground. but this person found the use of the word "TOOT" offensive. They even went so far as to try to make a big deal of it during a judges training session a few months later. I found their reaction immature and childish to say the least. Have we gone to far with "political correctness and other moral issues that that we cannot discern acceptable from unacceptable. Some individuals cannot keep an open mind? Maybe they should excuse themselves from taking any position (like judging) that has an influence in other people lives. We cannot and should not force our opinions on others. These same people snicker at blue humor and gossip about others but cannot see the humor in something natural. I was presenting real issues that every person over the age of 50 has to deal with. And if we cannot make fun of ourselves we have no right to have opinions of,or make comments about others.

During the past 16 plus years as a Toastmaster, during speeches I have heard the words, "poop, fart, pee, butt & boobs" used in addition to insinuations to the use of certain hand/finger gestures towards other people during driving incidences and guess what, the audience laughed. Since when did the word "TOOT" become the number one word on the America's Most Wanted list???

Freedom of speech is one of the reasons that our forefathers went to war. Yes I agree that there are issues that we should address for the over all moral good of our children and the nation but, let's be reasonable and open minded. Both Mother Nature and God have a sense of humor, thats why the Goony bird and politicans were created.

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